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TMT has been manufacturing and operating Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) since our inception in 1999, and have established ourselves as a major service provider for ROV operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our ROVs

ROVs are an unmanned underwater vehicle comprising a chassis, used to mount and protect the electronics and power units, and robotic arms for performing maintenance and operations on subsea equipment. Flotation tanks, ballast, thrusters and clump weights control movement, buoyancy and stability. The most common materials used in ROV manufacture are Polymers (plastics), Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

ROVs connect to the surface by a tether used for electrical power, video / data feeds and movement / tools / camera controls. The tether must also be strong enough to bear the weight of the ROV during deployment, recovery and subsea operations (ocean currents).

TMT has built ROVs continually since 1999 with Typhoon 32 our Mk4 ROV (pictured), as the latest generation to be designed, engineered and manufactured here at our Bibra Lake facility. This makes us unique, as the only manufacturer of work class ROVs in Australia. TMT’s excellence in engineering design and manufacturing has been recognised by many industry awards, and we are currently the holder of a number of patents.

Successful outcomes require a seemless partnership between robust technology and confident operators. Our offshore ROV personnel are experienced and competent with our systems. Many also work on the systems in the workshop and so know them inside and out.

Typhoon Mk4

What We Offer

Our offshore ROV experience and services include Drilling Support, Subsea Completions, Field Intervention, Pipelay Barge Support, Field Construction, Field Abandonment, Environmental Surveys and Inspection Maintenance Repair (IMR).

As an ROV manufacturer and operator, we can offer a unique training environment to ensure our people are technically competent and offshore ready. Our international workforce know our equipment from the ground up and our ongoing training develops strong competence within the offshore team. This active managed approach maintains a safe and efficient ROV operation throughout the project.

Our manufacturing facilities in Western Australia and Malaysia can integrate customised hardware configurations, as well as design and manufacture bespoke ROV tooling to optimise client requirements before mobilisation. This flexibility and depth of engineering within TMT ensures the equipment is always right for the workscope.

The TMT onshore operations department has the experience to integrate and manage our services on a global level. This provides our clients and crews with the support required to deliver exceptional ROV and tooling performance.

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