Mining & Industry

Our expertise in engineering, manufacturing and operating remote systems in harsh offshore environments, has enabled us to extend this capability to the mining and industrial areas.

What We Offer

Two systems that showcase this capability include the:

  • TMT Descale Rig – a remotely operated high-pressure water blast cleaning system, to remove scale from inside chemical tanks
  • TMT Longreach Machine – can be fitted with rock breakers to remove stubborn build-up, or a range of pressure operated tools such as welders, cutters, etc. to suit the task.

Using these remotely operated systems in harsh environments not only increases safety, by removing people from the environment; it reduces down time during shutdowns by speeding up the cleaning process.

TMT’s Descale Rig and Longreach Machine use a remote-control radio frequency (RF) belly pack to operate the equipment. This ensures that the operator can work from a safe position.  The unit is battery powered and ruggedised to IP66 / 67. It interfaces via radio signals to a base unit. The Rig control system receives the Remote-Control Terminal (RCT) commands and activates the appropriate hydraulic controls to perform the required action. The RCT also includes some indicators that show the status of the system.

TMT Tank Cleaner / Descale Rig

TMT Descale Rig

Remotely operated water blasting head for use within closed top tanks

TMT Electrical Torque Tool

TMT Longreach Machine

Remotely operated hydraulically powered breaker head

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