Asset Management

TMT’s Asset Management Department offers a full “life of asset” service. This includes storage, insurance, maintenance, mobilisation and de-mobilisation of your tooling assets.

What We Offer

Rather than just offer a simple storage facility, TMT will track, mobilise and maintain your assets in order to achieve the best return on investment of your tooling. Our aim is to ensure that the tool is “operationally ready” at all times.

New Tool Received:

  • Full inspection and maintenance Report
  • Service and repair plan is estabilished
  • Replacement of any missing or damange items

Storage, Tracking and Maintenance:

  • Logged and labelled in our equipment management system
  • Maintenance plans setup and executed when required
  • Safely stored


  • Operationally checked by our tooling technicians
  • Supply certification, operation / maintenance manuals, spares and maintenance records


  • Checks of spares, missing or damaged components are notified to owner for possible financial recovery from the previous user
  • Post operation maintenance, followed by storage and uploading of records

Our facility offers a full lifetime service for your equipment and we take care of every aspect of the equipment’s operational life. We can even supply tooling technicians for your service needs.

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