TMT is defence ready and has proven its sovereign capability with being awarded works for the Submarine Rescue Project for the Royal Australian Navy (SEA1354). This is TMT’s second major defence project which showcases our end-to-end capabilities of design, engineering and manufacture.

Naval Technology & Sovereign Capabilities

Remote and Autonomous Systems (RAS)

TMT has more than 20 years’ experience with design, manufacture and operation of subsea RAS. These include:

Tethered Underwater Vehicles (ROVs)

  • Shallow, Deep and Ultra-Deep ROVs
  • ROV systems from the smallest observation class to heavy work-class.

RAS Support Systems

  • Launch and recovery systems
  • Control Systems (built-in, containerised and mobile)
  • Power distribution systems for subsea RAS
  • Ship-to-Ship telemetry and Ship-to-Shore video streaming

Military Survey Equipment

  • Acoustic subsea positioning sytems
  • Rapid Environmental Assessment systems
  • Hydrographic survey systems
  • Long duration REA and positioning equipment

RAS Effectors

  • Standard ROV Tooling Suites
  • Standard Salvage and Exploitation Tooling
  • Bespoke Tooling tailored to the RAS mission set
  • Rapid development of bespoke tooling for specific, urgent, needs
  • Tools are developed to be platform-agnostic and will readily work on any RAS

TMT’s flagship RAS systems such as the Typhoon Heavy Workclass ROV are designed and manufactured in Australia. RAS can be configured to suit Defence missions including:

  • Customisation to client requirements
  • Quick connection and quick mobilisation, airfreightable systems
  • Design and built to defence and industry standards

Through-Life Support

TMT provides through life support with:

  • Evergreen development of RAS
  • Maintenance and repair of RAS elements at locations worldwide, including onshore at the factory and remote depots as well as onboard while alongside or underway
  • Assurance of availability and performance of supplied equipment
  • Software and hardware support throughout the life of equipment
  • Spare parts supply, repairs, obsolescence management
  • Training, simulation, and technical assistance
  • Onshore and Offshore operational support, either remotely or in person
  • Provision of trained operators for V&V activities and operations


Engineering Services

A range of engineering services with a focus on marine remote and autonomous systems. Our capabilities include:

  • Through-lifecycle systems engineering
  • Integration management and interfacing with existing platforms and RAS
  • Concept and detail design of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software structural and hydraulic systems as well as naval architecture
  • PCB-level design of electronic systems
  • Design of subsea HV, LV and battery power systems
  • Design of HV power distribution systems for marine RAS
  • Software development
  • Design of vessel integration systems for marine RAS
  • Planning of V&V activites
Assembly in action

Other Services

  • Design, Manufacture, Operate and Sustain capability
  • Custom Bespoke Engineering Solutions and design facilities to accommodate multiple engineering disciplines
  • Manufacturing Facilities with the expertise to fabricate to client requirements
  • ROV Hire and sales. Development of the MK4 which has a 6000m depth variant
  • Design to Industry/Defence Standards (MIL, ISO, API, DNV, Lloyds Register etc)
  • Supply of trained and Reliable RAS Operators of Equipment.
  • Reducing Life Cycle Support Costs through reliable designs and maintenance programs
  • Intelligent Control Systems

Submarine Rescue Project – SEA1354

Total Marine Technology has been awarded key roles in the Submarine Rescue Service (SRS) contract for The Royal Australian Navy, including supply of the MK4 ROV, control van and customised tools.

TMT was engaged to provide hardware, software, and services to support the design and construction of a Submarine Rescue System (SRS) for the Royal Australian Navy as well as to design, procure, manufacturing, and delivery of components in conjunction with the consortium.

TMT prides itself on its ability to assist with solutions-based design and engineering that flows through to its manufacturing facilities.

Typhoon Mk4 ROV Inspection

TMT truly are solution experts

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