The TMT System Integration Test (SIT) Typhoon ROV provides an economical method of testing ROV access and functionality around subsea equipment.



Variety of manipulator options to suit client needs

3x Z-Functions for mounting manipulators

Grabber manipulator

Pan and Tilt cameras and lights

Hydraulic manifold for client tooling

Adjustable lift point for balancing load

Ballast option for heavy tooling

Control Desk included – Typhoon MK2 footprint

Integrated air blaster cooler and on demand marine grade water oil heat exchanger

The on-board hydraulic and electrical systems allow ROV tools to be fully tested on surface, prior to being deployed to the offshore and subsea environment. The SIT ROV comes equipped with identical Z-Function mounts as the Typhoon MK2 150 ROV allowing for a variety of manipulators to be used.

The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is mounted internally.

The following hydraulic connections are available:

– 21x 16L/min hydraulic functions

– 3x 8L/min hydraulic proportional functions

– 3x 40L/min hydraulic functions

Installed castors provide an easier means of relocating the SIT. The whole system can be packed into air freight containers for fast transport to the client’s site.

TMT can customise the system to suit your requirements.


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