The TMT Navigator ROV is a medium work class electric/hydraulic compact system.



Depth Rating: 600 / 3000 msw

HPU Power: 15 hp

Frame Lift Capacity: 3500 kg

Payload: 600 kg

Designed and built for rapid deployment situations on vessels of opportunity. The low overall footprint and deck load increases the vessel of deployment versatility without compromising functionality.

The system offers a comprehensive manipulator package from a small operating platform, including the ability to operate a Schilling Titan 4 and 5/7 rate manipulators. The Schilling Orion manipulator is an option.

In addition, a TMT 2 Function Grabber Arm is included which will accomodate a greater than standard guidepost diameter attachment. The main propulsion system incorporates four vectored and over vertical electric thrusters. The use of electric thrusters reduces maintenance and improves overall reliability.

The Navigator has a large number of hydraulic tooling options due to the versatility of the 8 function Smart Valve Pack and 28L/min at 200bar Auxiliary Hydraulic Pack and a 400kg payload capability. The system has been field proven since 2002 and has evolved to include TMS options and greater depth capability.

The system has been deployed many times from jobs up rigs for subsea tree installation and work over programs.


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