ROV & Tooling Handbook

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rov & tooling handbook

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The TMT ROV & Tooling Handbook is a comprehensive look at TMT’s wide range of products and services.

It includes detailed information and pictures on all of TMT’s ROVs as well as over 100 subsea tools currently available.

The handbook provides a useful reference for people in the subsea Oil & Gas industry and showcases our engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as project management.

ROV & Tooling Handbook


  • Company Profile
  • Deep Wayer Heavy Work Class ROVs
  • ROV Operations
  • TMT Offshore Survey
  • The C. Y. O’Connor Award for Excellence in Engineering & Technology
  • TMT Engineering Team
  • Total Marine Technology and Sapura Energy Globally Intergrated Services & Solutions
  • TMT Malaysia Operations & Training Support Facility
  • Sapura Energy
  • Sapura Energy Australia
  • SWS
  • The TMT ROV Fleet
  • Tool Storage & Maintenance Services
  • ROV Tooling
  • TMT Hot Stabs & Accessories
  • TMT Manipulator Hite
  • ROV Friendly Rigging
  • TMT Designed & Made Marine Growth Covers

Disclaimer – We do our best, however the information in this publication may not be accurate. This is due to changes in technology, suppliers, our continual process of improvement, or factors not under our control.

Images, data or specifications may change at any time without notice. TMT can not guarantee the accuracy of information in this publication. Before making any big decisions based on this information, you should confirm the details by contacting us directly.