Torque Tools

TMT Manual Torque Tool

The TMT Manual Torque Tool is designed to operate various functions on subsea infrastructure through the use of an ROV.



Easily transportable

Easy to install and remove

Corrosion resistant materials

ROV deployable

Unlimited depth rating

Torque feedback is generated through the use of a dial, showing the angular deflection of the tool in degree, and a pre-calibrated torque table that related angular deflection to torque.

The Torque Tool is available in two torque capacities and multiple end fittings:

  • ISO 13628-8; Type A, Type B and Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 ROV interfaces, Annex D Type 1-5 for end effectors
  • Paddle valves on a BOP
  • 1.25″ FMC Needle Valve Adopter
  • Petrobras interface available


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