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TMT Low Profile Z-Function

The TMT Low Profile Z-Function is mounted to the front of an ROV and provides 305mm of controlled movement along the horizontal Z axis, to increase the reach of a tool and/or manipulator.



Field proven

Robust construction

Corrosion resistant materials

Minimal welding to avoid strength reduction

Same mounting holes as previous Z-Function

The new Low Profile provides a lower mounting height, details are dependent on the specific tool selected. The Low Profile Z-Function provides a sturdy mounting platform for even the heaviest of tools and its structure is very rigid.

The Z-Function is also ideally suited to inserting and removing hot stabs in the horizontal plane. The Low Profile Z-Function has the same mounting hole pattern as the previous Z-Function design, so it can easily be retrofitted.

The Z-Function can mount any of the Schilling Manipulators lower than the previous design. It can handle all Schilling Manipulator loads (it’s stronger than the previous Z-Function) and is 50% lighter in seawater.

The tool is constructed from bolted Aluminium instead of Stainless Steel. The minimal use of welding avoids any reduction in strength.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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