Dredging & Pumping

TMT Hydraulic LP Jet Pump

The TMT Hydraulic Low Pressure (LP) Jet Pump uses a hypro hydraulically driven centrifugal pump, which is connected to a custom designed nozzle by a flexible two inch hose.



Fast and efficient jetting

Smooth and reliable hydraulic pump

Corrosion resistant materials

Easy to install and remove

Stainless Steel filter grill

Integrated D-handle for ROV control

This jetting pump is typically fitted to the TMT Tooling Skid and forms part of the TMT dredging and jetting suite of subsea tools. It is easily handled by ROV manipulators using the integrated D-handle.

The TMT Hydraulic LP Jet Pump is excellent for cleaning drill cuttings from around sensitive completion areas.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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