Torque Tools


The TMT Heavy Duty Flying Lead Orientation Tool (HD-FLOT) provides a robust platform to support ROV stab-plate installation and valve override operations.



Multiple mounting options

High capacity

Low weight

Low maintenance

Compliant mounting of torque tool for visual indication of load

Torque tool interface provides digital pitch and roll feedback to assist in levelling the tool

The FLOT frame has multiple mounting options for:

The tool can support a payload of up to 500kg. A pair of hydraulic cylinders actuates a mechanism to provide a tilt up of 90°, which keeps the tool within the frame of the ROV during launch and recovery and a tilt down of 90°, which facilitates use with vertical receptacles.

Another cylinder provides ±20° roll. A load tuneable compliant mounting provides the operator visual feedback of the loads being exerted upon the tool.

All external components are made from corrosion resistant materials for long life. The TMT Smart Torque Tool MK2 can be removed subsea for use with a manipulator.


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