TMT Gate Valve Linear Override Tool

The Gate Valve Linear Override Tool (GVLOT) is a linear override tool that has the capability to override large gate valves.



Titanium Alloy construction

381mm (15″) actuator stroke

139mT (306,000lbf) maximum actuation force

Hydraulic lock to maintain gate valve override

Customised high capacity LOT interface

Deployable by ROV or tool deployment unit

The tool uses a high capacity interface to transfer up to 139 metric tonnes (306,000lbf) of force onto the gate valve actuator and have a stroke of 381mm (15″). This interface is different to those specified in ISO 13628-8 as they are not capable of transferring this force.

The tool can be installed and operated using an ROV and can be hydraulically locked open. The main hydraulic cylinder is manufactured from a Titanium Alloy to minimise the weight and enable it to be rated to a higher operating load.

The tool can be provided with a hydraulic intensifier that is used to provide the operating pressure of 10,000psi (690bar) from the ROV hydraulics. If required, the tool can be customised for shorted strokes and mechanical locking mechanisms.


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