The FLX Skid is mounted to the bottom of an ROV by four connector pins. The standard frame is able to be mounted to two different ROVs, Forum XLX-Evo and TMT Typhoon MK2 150.



TMT Typhoon MK2 ROV or XLX-EVO ROV compatible

Cathodic protection

Nine hydraulic functions

Neutrally buoyant in seawater

Three emergency disconnect contingency systems in place

Retractable FLOT

DNV certification

The skid includes a RigMaster manipulator, mounted on the port side of the FLX Core Tool on a Z-Function mount that can provide a 400mm extension in addition to the approximate 300mm extension of the arm by itself.

The basic features of the skid include:

  • FLX Core Tool is able to extend 400mm, roll ±15°, tilt +30/-60°
  • Rated to 300msw
  • Neutrally buoyant when subsea


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