Torque Tools

TMT Electric Torque Tool

The patent pending, TMT Electric Torque Tool, has an intuitive and comprehensive user interface.



Accurate down to low torque values

Intuitive operating interface

Accurate speed control

Vertical and horizontal configuration

Optional hydraulic latching

Adaptive power consumption

Temperature sensor

Level (pitch & roll) sensor

Wet sensor

Adapter plates for industry standard FLOTs including TMT


In automatic mode, the torque limit, number of turns and speed limit parmeters are set via a custom software application. This allows the tool to function autonomously to achieve the specified outcomes safely.

The tool’s electric servo motor drive unit offers superior controllability of torque and speed as opposed to its hydraulic counterparts. The electric drive also provides the full rated torque at near linearity, from zero to its maximum speed.

The servo motor’s integrated resolver feedback provides high resoution positioning detail. When this is coupled with the accurate twin strain gauge torque feedback on the output stage of the gearbox, it provides superior measurement information compared to other available tools.

The TMT Electric Torque Tool’s innovative end effector design allows for the operation of Class 1 to 4 fittings without changing the tool or bringing the ROV to the surface. The small size of the TMT Electric Torque Tool allows it to be easily packaged into two carry-on sized helicopter compliant cases, allowing rapid delivery to site. 

 TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.



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