TMT Back Seal Test Unit

The TMT Back Seal Test Unit is a compact tool that allows the ROV to conduct pressure verification tests on subsea equipment, typically back seal test ports.



2 Port ISO Hot Stab Receptacle for storage

Easily read subsea pressure gauge dial

ROV operated 1/4 turn isolation valve

Compact, lightweight frame

Hydraulic fluid is supplied from the ROV through an ROV isolation valve and pressure gauge on the Back Seal Test Unit and then out to a hot stab and the subsea equipment. When the required test pressure is reached, the ROV closes the isolation valve, locking in the pressure between the valve and the subsea equipment.

The supply pressure can then be vented and the pressure monitored for the required duration as per client’s requirements. The tool is designed to be easily mounted onto an ROV or a manipulator for ease of use and access.


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