TMT AX VX Gasket Install & Removal Tool

The TMT AX VX Gasket Install & Removal Tool enables an ROV to install or remove a subsea tree or BOP gasket in the case that the subsea tree or BOP connector is not equipped with a captive gasket system.



Cost effective

Low maintenance required

ROV handled

Field proven

The tool can also be used to change out a damaged or leaking gasket. In order to preserve the sealing surfaces of the gasket, the tool expands and grips against the inner surface of the gasket with brake shoes.

As friction varies significantly especially with the presence of liquids, the tool exerts a significant load against the gasket in order to ensure it will not separate. As a redundancy, in case of hydraulic failure during installation or retrieval, there are two sprung guides which provide enough force to maintain grip on the gasket.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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