TMT Air Lync Wi-Fi System

TMT’s AirLync Ship to Shore system is an innovative and powerful solution to many common scenarios in the offshore industry. 



Works on an unlimited number of vessels as long as they are line of sight within 4km

Up to four video channels

Options for audio and data available

Real time between vessels, near real time video streaming to shore

Bandwidth friendly – works well on 128kbps

Integrates into survey system

The Ship to Ship and Ship to Shore products complement each other or can be used completely independently

User friendly interface

Portable and durable

Extremely cost effective solution

The system provides a number of benefits over traditional telemetry systems offshore, with the ability to stream multiple video feeds simultaneously, as well as provide tracking for vessels in the survey system. The addition of video conferencing facilities provides a number of safety benefits including reduced reliance on UHF/VHF radio communications, basket transfers and expensive satellite internet and satellite phones.

The Ship to Shore system streams video from up to four video sources back to shore for ease of viewing on any hand held device, PC or laptop. Just log into the secure website and see what the ROV is looking at subsea.


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