TMT 5.5″ Hub Cleaning Tool

The TMT 5.5″ Hub Cleaning Tool provides a means to remove any foreign matter present on a 5.5″ Tubing Hub.



Cost effective

Low maintenance required

ROV deployed and powered

Field proven


 To maximise the effectiveness of the metal to metal and elastometric seals used on the 5.5″ hub, seal surfaces need to be clean and free from any foreign matter. The tool lands out onto the 5.5″ hub on the manifold using a plastic shaped hub corresponding to a 5.5″ tubing head hub.

A hydraulic motor is used to rotate a cleaning head. The cleaning head has three separate pads with a coarse Scotch Brite material fitted to the surface.

There are no Steel surfaces in direct contact with the hub.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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