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TMT 2.4L Compensator Bottle

The TMT 2.4L Compensator Bottle is used to maintain compensation oil pressure.



Safe disassembly

Corrosion resistant materials

Spring loaded

Pressure relief valve (20psi)

Optional linear sensor

Anodic protection

Field proven

Easy to install and remove

Mounted horizontally or vertically

The Compensator Bottle acts as a spring-loaded accumulator to maintain an approximate compensated oil pressure of 3.5psi (0.25bar) when empy to 13.5psi (0.95bar) when full, using the standard four spring configuration. These pressures can be halved by using two springs in the Compensator Bottle.

The compensator allows for volumetric expansion and contraction of fluids in compensated housing due to changes in temperature and pressure. The Compensator Bottle can be configured, so it is easy to fill or empty, using quick connect/disconnect fittings.

No special tooling or jigs are required for reassembly of the Compensator Bottle. This makes the compensator very safe, as normal disassembly removes all of the tool’s stored spring energy.

A 15 or 20psi pressure relief valve is fitted to prevent over-pressure. The Compensator Bottle shown includes the optional Linear Level Sensor.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.



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