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TMT 15L Compensator Bottle

The TMT 15L Compensator Bottle is used to maintain compensation oil pressure.



Easy to install and remove

Corrosion resistant materials

Spring loaded

Pressure relief valve (10psi)

Optional linear sensor

Anodes attached

Field proven

The Compensator Bottle acts as a spring-loaded accumulator to maintain compensated oil in the pressure range of 3psi (0.2bar) when empty to 6.5psi (0.45bar) when full and using the standard spring configuration, above ambient depth pressure and will also allow for any temperature changes. The TMT 15L Compensator Bottle can be configured with three different spring combinations, resulting in the following fluid pressures of 1psi (0.07bar), 3psi (0.21bar) and 6.5psi (0.45bar) when full.

The Compensator Bottle is easy to fill or empty, through the quick connect/disconnect fittings. A pressure relief valve is fitted, preventing over-pressure.

The Compensator Bottle can be fitted with an optional level sensor.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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