Torque Tools

Surface Torque Verification Unit

The TMT Surface Torque Verification Unit is an ISO 13628-8 and API 17H compliant torque bucket for testing Class 1-4 Torque Tools.



Calibrated to measure torques for Class 1-4 Tools (up to 2711Nm)

Anodised Aluminium bucket

Proven rugged design

Handheld digital display

Simple-to-use menu system

Mains or battery powered

Latest transducer technology

It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The torque bucket connects to our TMT handheld display, included in every kit.

The Unit is calibrated for accurate readings. The handheld display features a simple-to-use menu system for adjusting settings.

RS232 data communications provides real-time feedback to TMT electric and hydraulic torque tools.


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