Dredging & Pumping

TMT Mini Dredger

The TMT Mini Dredger is the ideal tool for jetting (blowing) small amounts of material from external wellhead equipment such as wellhead sealing profiles, clearing cement dust from bullseyes and other external equipment.



Hydraulically driven

Variable speed jetting and dredging

ROV D-handle for manipulator operation for hose and dredger

316 SS body and propeller drive

Non-corroding Acetal nose cone

Nose cone adaptors to suit sizes 1″ to 3″

Non-metallic suction end for wellhead contact areas

Reverse the motor and you are able to dredge (suck) material from internal sealing areas such as the wellhead top seal and around the tubing hangar. The dredger is extremely rugged and designed to last, with a simplistic design that is easy to service, operate and maintain.


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