Marine Growth Removal

TMT Marine Growth Cover – ISO 13628-8 Class 1 to 4

The TMT ISO 13628-8 Class 1 to 4 Marine Growth Cover (MGC) is an economical way of protecting high torque valve buckets on subsea XT rotary intervention valves from excessive marine growth build up.



Proven robust design

Easy to install and remove

Corrosion resistant material

Titanium bolts

Standard receptacles include ISO 13628-8

Optional Copper bar to discourage marine growth

The non-metallic plug includes a nitrile ring for better retention. The MGC fits over and into the ISO 13628-8 Class 1 to 4 bucket interface to protect both the inside and mating face of the subsea receptacle into which it is installed.

The installation of the plug/cover inhibits the build up of marine growth by limiting the flow of seawater within the valve bucket. An optional Copper bar can be added to further discourage marine growth.

The MGCs help minimise the time-consuming cleaning processes sometimes needed before using a torque tool in the valve bucket. All TMT MGCs are designed to last over 40 years in the subsea environment.


TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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