Torque Tools

Manual Torque Tool with Clutch

The TMT Manual Torque Tool (MTT) with Clutch is designed to operate various functions on subsea infrastructure through the use of an ROV.



Easy installation and removal

Easily operated from an ROV

ISO 13628-8 compliant

3 configurations available

ISO 13628-8 Class 1 & 2, Class 3 & 4 / Paddle Type A Output Interfaces available

The tool incorporates a pre-tensioned Slip-Clutch that prevents over-torquing of the subsea valve to be operated/stroked. A rubber suspension unit (Rosta Unit) transmits torque applied by the ROV manipulator wrist to the output hub.

Applied torque registers as angular deflection of a pointer, against a circular background dial marked in degrees. The operator is provided with a table that relates angular deflection to applied torque.

The rubber unit installed on the supplied tools is rated for applying torque in the range of 0-120ft.lbs (0-162Nm).

The TMT MTT with Clutch is available in the following three configurations:

  • Clutch and Rosta Unit
  • Clutch and STT locator
  • With Clutch only


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