TMT Lock Out Tool (LOT)

The TMT Lock Out Tool (LOT) is a mechanical locking device that is used to prevent subsea valves from closing after they’ve been opened and provides a mechanical means of locking the valve in a stroked position for a prolonged time.



Mainly manufactured from AISI 630 Stainless Steel

The LOT can be modofied at TMT for locking at any stroke length between 0.9 inches (23mm) and 7.875 inches (200mm)

Capable of providing two stroke lock positions

ISO Type A and Type B detachable heads

Aker detachable heads

The tool consists of a splined rod that is actuated by the Linear Actuated Override Tool (LAOT, sold separately) and an ROV-operated locking handle. The LOT has interchangeable components to enable interfacing with ISO 13628-8 Type A, Type B and Aker interfaces.

The LAOT can be engaged and disengaged from the LOT at any time by rotating the LAOT equipped with an ISO 13628-8 Type A linear interface (1/8 turn lock).

TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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