Cutting & Grinding

TMT 22mm Wire Rope Cutter

The TMT 22 mm Cutter Assembly allows the Webtool Wire Rope Cutter to be easily handled by the ROV manipulator



Low maintenance

ROV positioned & operated

Field proven

Internal relief valve

Long blade life

Aluminium construction

The Wire Rope Cutter is a compact guillotine-type cutter. It is a hydraulically driven unit, which is capable of cutting 22 mm (7/8”) 1770 MPa grade steel wire. The TMT Cutter Assembly includes an adapted ROV handle that allows for Manipulator control and assists in positioning the wire in the cutting position.

The 22 mm Cutter requires 10,000 psi (690 bar) working pressure; therefore, a TMT intensifier (see TMT-NSS-005) is required to achieve the specified pressure.



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