Cutting & Grinding

TMT 115mm Wire Rope Cutter Assembly

The TMT 115mm Wire Rope Cutter Assembly is a heavy-duty guillotine type cutter.



Cost effective

Low maintenance

Field proven

Skid mod. option available

It is a hydraulically driven unit, which is capable of cutting Steel wire up to a maximum tensile strength of 1770N/mm and 115mm in diameter. The TMT Cutter Assembly allows the cutter orientation to be easily adjusted in 45° increments to cut wires at different angles.

The Cutter Assembly has been designed primarily to mount the 115mm but can also be adopted to fit the 75mm Webtool cutter. The frame is designed to suit Typhoon MK2 series ROVs.

The bracket also allows the cutter height to be lowered by approximately 600mm to allow the cutters to be used when the Typhoon MK2 Tooling Skid is attached to the ROV. This tool requires 10,000psi to cut and can be used with the TMT 10K Intensifier.


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