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Harsh Environment Remote Control & Automated Solutions

Does your business need assistance with Mining & Industrial Automation? Are you frustrated by automation challenges in harsh environments?

The Industrial Automation market is primarily made up of two types of providers:

(1) Robotic Automation companies, which are competent in the selection and assembly of existing, off-the -shelf robots, attachments, components and equipment.

(2) Mechanical Engineering companies, which are competent in providing mechanically proficient solutions, that are then automated by out-sourcing robot, software, firmware and electronics subcontractors.

In harsh environments, the result from either of the above providers rarely meets the requirements of the customer and can have issues including:

    • A system with poor suitability to harsh environments with temperature, dust, moisture or vibration causing system failures and/or a short operational life.
    • A lack of custom designed, innovative mechanical design that is required for the system to successfully undertake new, difficult or complicated tasks.
    • Off-shelf components, attachments or equipment that results in compromised operation or fails to achieve the desired operation outcomes at all.
    • A lack of system speed, efficiency or finesse, often resulting in the system being taken out of operation.
    • An inability for the customer to properly integrate and control a new system into existing operational control/comms systems.
    • Inability to modify and optimise control systems, affecting productivity and safety.

Whilst there are many technical reasons why a new automation program fails, the root cause is almost always due to capability limitations of the equipment provider.

Introduction of new automated systems into existing industrial facilities is already a sensitive process. Workers are often concerned about being displaced by automation and there is often a fear of operational changes, especially those involving technology.

The failure of new automated systems to operate efficiently, reliably and seamlessly often creates employee stress and political resistance to the continued use of such equipment. Such an experience also tends to prohibit future endeavours to integrate automation within a facility.

At TMT, we approach the task of machinery automation with a full suite of in-house DESIGN and MANUFACTURING capabilities including:

    • Software
    • Firmware
    • Electronics
    • Electrical
    • Hydraulics
    • Mechanical
    • Operations

This all occurs in a single location at our Bibra Lake Workshop, ensuring local seamless design, development, manufacturing, commissioning and optimisation processes. Our end to end capabilities ensure the most cost effective delivery of automation, maximum product performance and unrivalled system reliability.

Another vital aspect of delivering bespoke remote control and automated systems is the after-sales technical support and performance optimisation. Too many automation projects fail through inadequate optimisation and even modification after commissioning. TMT recognises the need to manage unforeseeable challenges in the automation space ensuring that key technical staff from all technical disciplines are able to be on-site during the commissioning and optimisation of new equipment. This is simply not possible using subcontracted or overseas software and equipment suppliers.

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